Dr. Karl Jawhari, D.C. is an expert in back pain relief and the founder of Dallas Spine and Disc

As a Teacher Assistant at Life University in Marrietta, GA, Dr. Karl Jawhari has taught many of his colleagues in many of the effective techniques chiropractors are utilizing today. He is an author of his book “ How Hormones Are Making you Fat” and is the co-author of 2 books entitled Neck Pain, You Don’t Want It, You Don’t Need It, as well as the “ The Little Black Book of Fitness” . He is a national speaker for the Health Awareness Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes health and wellness in local communities, where he educates employees and creates healthier environments through interactive workshops. In addition, Dr. Jawhari has been published in Dallas newspapers and appeared on CBS and local channel television shows to discuss new and innovative solutions to chronic pain. A certified Health Coach by the U.S. Wellness Chamber of Commerce, he has consulted more than 120 doctors across the country.

After spending over fifteen years researching the causes, symptoms and myriad treatments of neck and back discomfort, Dr. Karl Jawhari founded Dallas Spine and Disc to help the thousands of Americans who have been told that they must live with their chronic pain. Along with a passionate team of four Doctors of Chiropractic, he offers non-invasive, drug free solutions that commonly remedy those who have tried nearly everything else, or have been told that surgery is their only option. It is Dr. Jawhari’s goal that all his patients achieve long lasting relief through healthy methods that promote wellness throughout the entire body.

For conditions ranging from arthritis, back pain, bulging discs, facet syndrome, herniated discs, inflammation, migraines, neck pain, neuropathies, post surgical recovery, sciatica, stenosis, and whiplash, Dr. Jawhari’s team of doctors help patients return to a functioning, pain free physical state. Utilizing revolutionary decompression and laser treatments in combination with proper exercise and diet, they are able to get under control the forces that push, pinch, and irritate the nerves in the back, even for those who have been dealing with symptoms their entire life.